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Emirates calibration lab gets ISO certification

January 4, 2018

Emirates Engineering one of the world s most technologically advanced aircraft maintenance facilities and an Emirates Group brand said its calibration laboratory has won ISO 17025 accreditation. The l... View more

Advancing the approach to meter calibration

October 26, 2015

Calibration is fundamental to the operation of any measurement system in order to demonstrate its continued satisfactory operation to the regulatory authorities says Craig Marshall project engineer at... View more

MT cashing on its competence in calibration services

September 18, 2013

MT-ENTERPRISES an industrial services company established in 2004 to serve utilities oil and gas and the petrochemicals users in Saudi Arabia is planning to expand its market reach and offer a more di... View more

Emerson’s flow calibration centre opens in Abu Dhabi

February 6, 2011

EMERSON Process Management has set up a flow calibration and service centre in Abu Dhabi. The facility is Middle East s first ISO and VSL certified centre says Keven Dunphy Emerson s business director... View more

GE’s new calibration system

June 22, 2008

The new advanced modular calibration system from GE Sensing & Inspection Technologies is a hand-held test and calibration system that combines an advanced multi-function calibrator with world class pr... View more



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