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Over 300 industry leaders attend ‘Future Mobility’ event in Dubai

November 7, 2017

More than 300 leaders in the smart electrical hybrids and hydrogen vehicles industry are participating at the ongoing 3rd International Conference on Future Mobility which is being held in Dubai UAE. ... View more

Huawei unveils future of Cloud at Shanghai event

September 10, 2017

Over 20 000 ICT industry professionals thought leaders and analysts visited Shanghai China this week to witness Huawei unveil a stream of innovations including its vision of building one of five globa... View more

Mega oil and gas event set to discuss energy future

March 3, 2013

MORE than 300 mega oil and gas companies from 30 countries and a number of experts and specialists will take part in the Middle East Oil and Gas Show and Conference (Meos 2013) which opens on March 10... View more



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